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Elon Musk morao odstupiti, a na čelu tvrtku zamijenila ga Robyn Denholm: "Vjerujem u misiju Tesle i želim pomoći cijelom timu"

Elon Musk morao odstupiti, a na čelu tvrtku zamijenila ga Robyn Denholm: "Vjerujem u misiju Tesle i želim pomoći cijelom timu"

9.studenoga 2018. u 12:15 tesl

Na čelu tvrtke Tesla do sad je bio osnivač te tvrtke Elon Musk, no na to mjesto sad je imenovana Robyn Denholm koja je postavljena kao predsjednica odbora direktora. Musk se sad nalazi na poziciji izvršnog direktora, a do ove promjene je došlo je jer Američka komisija za vrijednosne papire tražila da se na mjestu predsjednika odbora direktora nađe nezavisna osoba. 


#teslamotors Inc said board member #robyndenholm will replace #elonmusk as its chair, more than a month after the billionaire had to step down as the electric-car maker's #chairman as part of a settlement with US regulators. Tesla had until November 13 to name an independent board chairman under the settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which said Musk's tweets about taking the company private were fraudulent and that the billionaire could retain his role as CEO but should quit as chairman. Musk said in August he was considering taking Tesla private in a $420 a share and that he had secured funding for a deal that was later scuttled but attracted scrutiny from several government agencies. The appointment of Denholm caps months of turbulence for the company and its stock and investors called for stronger oversight of Musk, whose recent erratic public behavior raised concerns about his ability to steer the company through a rocky phase of growth. Denholm is currently chief financial officer at Australian telecoms operator Telstra Corp Ltd and has been an independent director on #tesla board since 2014. Denholm will leave her role as CFO and head of strategy at #telstra once her six-month notice period with the company is complete, Tesla said late on Wednesday. She was appointed as Telstra CFO in July. Tesla said Denholm will be serving as chair on a full-time basis and that she will temporarily step down as Chair of the company's audit committee until she leaves Telstra. The carmaker last month quieted some critics after it reported a net profit, positive cash flow and wider-than-expected margins in the third quarter, delivering on Musk's promise to turn the company profitable. A Tesla spokeswoman said that Denholm will receive an annual cash retainer of $300,000 and 8,000 stock options annually. The spokeswoman also said Tesla was actively looking for two additional independent directors.

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Denholm je 55-godišnja Australka koja od prošle godine radi kao financijska direktorica za strategiju u Telstri, inače australskoj telekomunikacijskoj kompaniji. Također, od 2014. godine nalazi se u odboru Tesle kao nezavisna direktorica, a s pozicija u Telstri će odstupiti uskoro, nakon isteka mandata od šest mjeseci.

Prema pisanju Guardiana, Denholm je rekla:

Vjerujem u ovu tvrtku, vjerujem u njezinu misiju i veselim se pomoći Elonu i cijelom Teslinom timu da postignu održivu profitabilnost, a našim dioničarima osigurati dugoročnu vrijednost.

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